Born and raised in the city of Brotherly Love I have been writing for nearly 10 years. I am the author of the 2012 scifi novel Escape 2 Earth which is kinda the opposite of Mr. Roland Emmerich's 2012 The Movie. In early 2009 I completed the second installment in the the Escape 2 Earth trilogy called Return 2 Earth also several short stories including a fantasy story titled Dimensions in Time and a sci fi story titled Planet of Doom. In 2009 I completed my first detective novel called Blackout.

Escape 2 Earth 2012

Book One

How would the governments of our planet prepare 6 billion people for the end of the world? In the Sci Fi novel Escape 2 Earth THEY WILL TRY but will they succeed?

Escape 2 Earth begins in the year 2004 when Matt and Will two crop circle photographers team up with a computer expert and discover ominous messages hidden in the crop circles. Earth's destruction is imminent.

A secret alien organization known as Earth's Guardians helps mankind as it struggles to abandon Earth but another devious, deadly race of aliens lead by the evil Rotart makes several attempts to thwart their escape?

Matt, Will, and Art are reluctantly drawn into an adventure that will take them around the world and beyond to unlock the mysteries of Stonehenge, the White Pyramid of China, the Mayan calendar, and the Great Sphinx in a scramble to save the human race.

Return 2 Earth Liberation Force
Book Two

They thought it was all over. For six years the people of New Earth were making a better life for themselves when suddenly our heroes from Escape 2 Earth, Matt, Will and Art receive a distress signal from the millions of Bottom Dwellers on Old Earth! Taz, the son of the evil tyrant Rotart has begun enslaving the humans who stayed behind. Once again it is up to Matt, Will and Art to defeat their new enemy and rescue the society of Bottom Dwellers on Old Earth before it’s too late.


Planet of Doom

Short Story

The story begins after Return 2 Earth, the Planetary Alliance has requested the services of intergalactic detective Da’Quan to find the rouge Deltorian warriors Dajus & Mallobo who must answer for their crimes. Before Da'Quan can begin he is trapped on Akanon, also called Planet Doom. He learns that Akanon is controlled by humanoid killer robots. Will he escape to complete his mission in time.
Terror on Telderan

Short Story

This short story takes place before Escape 2 Earth 2012. It tells the story of the planet that crashed into Earth during Escape 2 Earth. In this story you'll learn how Telderan was damaged so badly it was thrown off course and headed for Earth. The story also depicts the roles of Earth's Guardians and the Planetary Alliance before the planet was disrupted and the crop circle messages began.

Three short stories in the Escape 2 Earth Universe follows along the mystery cases of Intergalactic Detective Da'Quan.

Murder on the Eros Star, Planet of Doom and Terror on Telderan.